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Now that Sun Microsystems has released the open source version of Solaris (seehttp://www.opensolaris.org), we are offering two courses that use the source.

Solaris Internals with Source Code
Course covers scheduling, memory management, thread archicture, thread switching, traps and interrupt handling, synchronization, file systems, and I/O architecture. Source code is examined and dtrace, mdb, and kmdb is used to make the concepts discussed as concrete as possible. Students use the source code to modify and add functionality to various subsystems with the OS.

Device Drivers with Source Code
This course covers writing, installing, testing, and debussing Solaris device drivers for Network Interface Cards, storage, STREAMS modules, pseudo-devices, and nexus devices. Students write a simple driver for a PCI-based parallel port card. Also, we examine source code for various types of devices and describe methods for re-working an existing driver for new devices. See
course outline.