Articles/Presentations/Course Materials by Max Bruning

* Introduction to Solaris Drivers-Article on OpenSolaris web site
Solaris Device Drivers for Linux Programmers -Describes Solaris drivers in Linux terms
* A Comparison of Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD Kernels - High level description of three open source operating system kernels
ZFS On-Disk Data Walk (or: Where's my Data?) - Paper presented at OpenSolaris Developer Conference, June 25-27, 2008,Prague (
* Slides for ZFS On-Disk Talk - Should be together with the ZFS On-Disk Data Walk paper above.
* Video of ZFS On-Disk Format Talk - The video version.
* Slides for Kernel Debugging Session - Presented at Sun Tech Days, OpenSolaris Day, Prague, London, St. Petersburg, 2007
* Kernel Internals Overview - Slides presented to various professors at Universities in India, one day of 3 days of presentations.
* Student Guide for 1 day Internals Overview - My part starts on page 78.
* Device Driver Hands-On Labs - Presented at Sun Tech Days, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2007.  For lab files, send mail to and ask for the lab files for the driver hands-on labs.
* Comparison of Solaris OS and Linux for Application Developers - A fairly in-depth article on differences between the systems for application developers
* Blog - My very occasionally edited blog.  Includes a description of recovering a removed file on a zfs file system.