About Us


Bruning Systems specializes in custom-built seminars. These may be on-site at your company, or as open-enrollment in our California classroom. Seminar material includes white papers, web pages, and other presentations, as well as hands-on labs. The seminars differ from regular courses in the following ways:

Student Guide
The Student Guide contains various technical documentation, including course and lab notes, white papers and other references. Students then have a set of supplemental documents which can be used after the class for reference.
All seminars are uniquely targeted at the specific audience attending the seminar. If attendees want to examine a given topic in more (or less) detail, the seminar leader will guide the class in that direction.
Development Speed and Price
Since there is no 500+ page "student guide" to write, seminars are quicker to develop, and less expensive. Seminar materials can usually be gathered together in less than one week. Alternatively, courses can be delivered using your company's courseware.


Max Bruning began using and programming Unix-based systems while obtaining a Master's degree at Columbia University in the mid-1970s. He has been writing and teaching Unix Internals, Device Drivers, and various other courses since 1981. Max has also spent over 6 years doing kernel development and debugging work. He has done consulting and/or training work for Bell Labs, AT&T, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, HP, Siemens-Nixdorf, and various other companies. Max has published articles on Solaris and Linux kernel and application development. He has conducted seminars at Tsinghua University and at OpenSolaris User Group meetings in California and Beijing. His articles have been translated into Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Turkish.